Ever have one of those days…

On the weekend I took my son to the local transport museum, which is open the last Sunday of every month. The museum (Whitewebbs Museum of Transport) is well supported by volunteers and is also behind the well known Enfield Pageant of Motoring.


It sounds a wee bit crackpot, but the displays are actually very impressive for a volunteer museum. I visited back in 2012 wielding my Leica M9 – this time I took my Nikon Df



In any event I probably should have realised I was in for a tough day when my son refused to wear any of the 5 tops I pulled out of his drawers “I want to wear the dirty one”…



When we got to the transport museum he decided it was rubbish because you couldn’t go onto any of the exhibits! It actually wasn’t rubbish by the way – it’s great fun.



A particularly fine moment was the argument about leaving the gents:
“I want to stay in the cubicle… All day…”



To top it off Daniel decided to run about repeatedly in the ground floor of the museum, stopping to turn on a juke box and boogie on down to the music. I could feel the disapproving stares! This photo was a particular favourite of mine. That’s Daniel, mid run in the background.


In any event, the vehicles on display were simply amazing as ever. Thanks to all there (particularly the visiting Rover owners) for putting up with the tired looking guy with the crazy toddler and the silver Nikon… If its any consolation, my son later had a huge argument with a curtain in the bedroom before going to bed. No, I’m not sure why 😀 !



Taken with my Nikon Df and 24mm F1.4 G, 35mm F1.4 Sigma and 58mm F1.4 G lens (this one is stunning by the way).

3 thoughts

  1. Excellent – my father had a Rover 3500 which I drove once taking my granny back to Dundee. She was surprised we were so quick as the “speedometer never went over 20”. She was looking at the rev counter which never went over 2000, the Rover was effortless at speed, gorgeous.

    I love the line about your son arguing with the curtain – had me in tears of laughter – hope he won the argument.



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