Vroom, vroom with the RX1

Sorry, couldn’t resist! This bank holiday weekend we visited the Enfield Pageant of Motoring, one of London’s biggest classic motor shows.



It was great fun, although the autojumble did appear to be old bits of car on various market stalls… I jest.



The Pageant has been a feature of Enfield life ever since 1978, when the event was set up to raise money for the local historical vehicle conservation society. The organisers approached the borough council, which provided support and a venue provided that the event was held in May and would have the word “Enfield” in the title. I’ll confess it’s the first year I’ve been, but I’m glad we did make the trip.



A number of London and UK classic car clubs had exhibits and displays that were staggeringly good, whether they were classic sports cars or just amazingly well cared for classic cars of a more standard background.



Apart from the car exhibits there was a fun fair and displays in the main arena. The only point at which I regretted packing bringing my RX-1 was when a motorbike display started in the main arena – I would have loved to have my D800E and 70-300mm for that display. I almost brought my E-M5 with 75mm lens mounted, but I still need to refit the strap and I washed its SD card 😦 (don’t ask).



These days the Pageant provides financial support to the Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, which is well worth a visit. Many of the vehicles on display were from the Museum’s collections.



All taken with my RX1



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