Sleep is for wimps

There’s a reason I’ve not been writing to you this last three months. It’s because “free” time is at least partly filled with a very loveable “little” (massive) chap, who arrived in mid January, causing our family joy, wonder, confusion, back ache and sleepless nights in equal measure.




A particular favourite of mine was the moment he was looking all sweet at me and then projectile vomited over me and down the front of my shirt! As terrifying as anything in the alien movies!


However, all of this does mean I’ve been taking fewer photos and writing less, for which I apologise. My solution to this is to try and keep the blog posts shorter, which perhaps is no bad thing if I remember to post often enough.

All the best and I’ll be back soon.

Taken with my Nikon D810 and Fujifilm X100F

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