Happy New Year

I hope everybody reading this has had a great holiday period, despite the crap that was 2016. This year has been less about new cameras and lenses and more about politics. C’est la vie. I suspect that theme will continue into the new year. 😉

As ever, I’ve picked a few photos I liked to represent the year:


Snow trees DSC01082-Edit-2.jpg

February L1008650-Edit-2.jpg
Green Steam

March _DSF2408.jpg
Smile in Acros

DSC02222-Edit.jpg _DSC0551-Edit.jpg

May DSC03420-Edit.jpg
P5090033-Edit.jpg _DSC1722-Edit.jpg

DSC03813-Edit.jpg DSC03833-Edit.jpg
_DSC8675-Edit.jpg _DSC9182-Edit.jpg


_DSC9334-Edit.jpg DSC_9601-Edit.jpg
_DSC2875-Edit.jpg DSC_9918-Edit.jpg

_DSC3785-Edit.jpg _DSF8410.jpg
_DSC4117-Edit.jpg _DSF9044.jpg

DSC_0608-Edit.jpg DSC04355-Edit.jpg
P9110980-Edit.jpg _DSF9650.jpg

_DSF2348.jpg Happy Halloween...
PA300516-Edit.jpg November PB050016-Edit.jpg
_DSC4321-Edit.jpg DSC_2006-Edit.jpg
DSC_1892-Edit.jpg December PC101716-Edit.jpg
PC112374-Edit.jpg _DSF2953.jpg

Happy New Year everyone!

Click through the pictures to Flickr if you want exif information etc.

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