How I broke the Internet…

…. or possibly just my blog. Sorry to everyone who visits regularly that a number of the picture links broke in recent months. I hadn’t realised this was my fault, as I’ve had it happen previously because of server issues with Flickr. This time, however, it was all my fault. In an effort to tidy Flickr I had been updating tags, which has been nigh on impossible in Flickr since it retired its autocomplete feature for tags. To get around this I had been using the Lightroom export tool to tag photos as it contains a similar autocomplete feature.


I had wanted to extend my tagging to cover older cameras and lenses, so as to give more useful searches covering cameras and lenses I had since sold. Sadly, when Lightroom updates the picture, it doesn’t just update the tags, it exports a new copy of the picture too, which Flickr assigns a new unique identifier to. The net effect of that is that every historic photo I updated tags on acquired a new ID and a new name, which broke the Flickr links to those photos and this blog wouldn’t display them. I didn’t immediately notice because all the pictures appeared in my Flickr photo stream in the right place and with the right date. I only realised my mistake when I noticed the names of photos had reverted to the file name. This resulted in a big facepalm…


Regardless, while keeping an eye on my son as he suffered with flu last weekend, I think I’ve updated most of the broken links. Apologies again, and if you do spot any photos down or broken links, please let me know through the comments or contact form.


In the meantime, I’ve been looking at the blog more critically the last few months. I think it needs to pay its way (a bit). I’ve added two links to the top banner above, “Buy Prints” and “Amazon UK”. This allows readers to buy prints, wall art, t-shirts, mugs etc from their favourite pictures via my photobox pro gallery. Very happy to consider adding pictures people like to my photobox gallery, just drop me a line through the contact form (ideally, because it labels stuff so I don’t miss it amongst the spam) or via (clearly marked with “sgoldswoblog” in the subject). “Amazon uk” takes you to the camera section of the famous website and, in addition, I’ll be including “available here” links to photography gear on gear impressions or reviews. It will allow people to show their appreciation for helpful reviews by buying gear through these links, for which I get a small commission.


If I can figure out how to get it to work I’ll add the other Amazon Europe sites to my blog somewhere. If people do know of other equivalent referral programmes, very happy to add those too – I have no tie to Amazon, they just make this very kind of thing very easy.


Don’t worry, if I think something is a dog, it will still be described as such here – I don’t plan to become the world’s most enthusiastic reviewer overnight 😉 .

Thanks to everyone who visits. I really appreciate all of the visits and comments.

Pictures taken with my Nikon D810, Sigma Art 24mm, 35mm land 50mm lenses and my Leica Q (cover photo Leica M240 and Summilux ASPH 50mm).

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