City of London Japan Festival 2012

Today I visited the Japan Festival in Broadgate circle. I expected it to be the usual Broadgate event (a bit silly) but nothing of the sort. The quote below explains it better than I can.

“March 2011 saw Japan facing an unprecedented serious of disasters in short succession which devastated cities and towns in Tohoku, North East Japan.

The global response to this tragedy was immediate and on an immense scale.  Emergency aid was dispatched from around the world and volunteers flew in on a regular basis over the following months to help with the clean-up operation, often working in dangerous and challenging conditions.

This festival is a tribute on behalf of the people of Tohoku offered in a spirit of gratitude for the generosity shown by peoples across the world, including the UK.

This festival takes place in Broadgate Circle, in the City of London, and comprises a rich offering of Japanese culture offered by both Japanese and UK artists.”

Nuff said – there was a rather touching speech given by the Japanese ambassador to the UK to say thank you on behalf of the people of Japan for all the help that had been sent from the UK. The Taiko drummers were amazing to watch and I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer.

Taken on my E-M5 with Oly 40-150 lens (WEX where is my 75mm F1.8???).

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