1903 Di Dion Bruton 8CV

I often pop out at lunchtime, trying to find interesting things to shoot. It doesn’t always pan out – the stage at Broadgate for some kind of Japanese festival is still going up stubbornly slowly.

Imagine my surprise when my other half told me that there was a classic car parked over the road from our house on my return from work (I hadn’t even noticed it). I thought it was going to be a Jaguar E-type or something similar.

I wasn’t expecting an absolute gem/museum piece such as the 1903 Di Dion Bruton 8 CV that greeted me. This car is 108 years old (so it’s older than I will ever be etc). Bonkers! And my neighbours have it in the garage and have done for 5 years – of course they do! It is taxed and still runs – of course it is…

London never ceases to surprise me…

All taken with my Leica M9 and Summilux 35mm F1.4 and Summilux 75mm F1.4 (a “classic” in its own right, somewhere between F2-2.8).

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