Olympic Torch Relay – City of London

So I had spent the last however long laughing at the torch relay.

I couldn’t really understand what the fuss was about. Today it hit the city and, thanks to a delay to my train (thanks First Capital Connect), I wasn’t able to make it to St Pauls in time to see the torch relay there.

I thought I would go to the Museum of London, just up from St Pauls, instead. I know this sounds bonkers but the number and enthusiasm of people really surprised me. The whole event was both ridiculous and uplifting at the same time. In any event, here are some wonky photos (thanks to a goon taking photos with an iPad I had to rely upon holding my E-M5 above my head).

Taken with my Olympus (it had to be) E-M5, Oly 75-300mm and Panny 12-35.

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