The best of 2014

Much like last year, it feels like I’ve been remiss on posting to the blog, particularly in the last month or so. As ever, the pressures of work, family and house have kept me busy through December. I still want to write something on the Nikon 20mm F1.8 G in particular and I need to pull something together to cover the hysteria and madness that have developed around a real, but not terribly exciting, issue with the D750 (I think I will call it the “joy of bands”). The Nikon 20mm F1.8 G is a great lens (just been using it today), not excellent/must buy, but great, if that makes sense. I also find myself on New years eve contemplating selling one of my camera systems (most likely my Micro Four Thirds system, but possibly my Fuji X cameras too or alternatively). This is made more difficult by the fact I do really like the X-T1 after the recent firmware update, but do I really need my smaller sensor cameras? Some recent abuse on the net from some (somewhat obsessive) Fuji X owners would suggest not, if nothing else, but I shouldn’t allow some sad nutjobs to colour my views…

As a goodbye to 2014, here are some of my favourite photos from 2014. These aren’t necessarily technically the best photos, but the ones I liked…

1. January:


Brownie 127

2. February:


Red fiat

3. March:

Sun and Daffodils

In perspective

4. April:



5. May:

Cheeky Squizzel

The Wild Man of the Woods

Brave, brilliant or crazy?

6. June:

The Kiss


7. July:

Trumpet Powerslide


8. August:


Cloud Field

9. September:

Boadicea's Car

Rail Horizon//

10. October:

Chillango Mexican

Looking for inspiration

11. November:

Waining light


12. December:

Christmas Tree of Light



3 thoughts

  1. Like the picture of the Christmas tree, surprisingly you managed to get that without any mortals blocking the view.
    Here’s to a happy new 2015.

  2. Love your blog, look daily to see if it is updated…(Know you are busy, family, work, etc) is it possible to do a sum up of what cameras will go, and why you like your current cameras…cheers from a hot Melbourne, Australia

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