Food riot

On my way to the Collect+ dropoff at my local newsagent yesterday it was slightly bizarre to come across people dressed as riot police and food all over the road! This was literally about 100 yards from the front of my office.




It turned out this was a scene from a TV show being filmed on the streets of Shoreditch.



The theme seemed to be a food riot (in which the food participated). There were also plenty of people armed with banners and placards.




I particularly liked the bloke with sausages wrapped around his head!


Odder still was the fact when I took another package to the nearest post office in Houndsditch, I came across another film crew filming near Devonshire Square. I asked the security guard what they were filming. “an invisible man” was his reply. I love a comedian…


Taken with my X-E2 and 18-55, 23, 32 and 55-200mm lenses.

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