It all looks different from up here…

Today I was lucky enough to visit Coq D’Argent, a restaurant in the city on the roof garden of 1 Poultry in the City.


1 Poultry is perhaps one of the last buildings of the postmodernist architectural movement/style to be completed. It’s certainly striking, with its pink and yellow alternating limestone cladding.


It has an unfortunate reputation as a suicide hotspot, and it has certainly changed from when I came here in about 10 years ago as a young city lawyer. These days there is a security guard on the roof terrace and the barriers have been raised.


I’m going to be contraversial now and say I wish that extra safety measures were removed. To me it’s a bit like requiring barriers between every train and the platform, simply impractical, and it detracts from the beauty and wonder of an amazing location.¬†Some may say I’m callous, but I’m afraid I simply hate the idea of the safety first culture extending to suicide risk.


Leaving all of that aside, the views are simply spectacular and the location is still inspiring. Bizarrely, I saw lots of details I’ve never noticed before – I never knew London buses have white roofs! The food was great too (thanks to Mark K and Ferdisha who took me and a colleague)…


Taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and 14mm lens (shot of 1 Poultry with 27mm lens).

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