Shoreditch Street Art with my X-Pro1 and Xf27mm

So it has been a funny old week in my new office, not a million miles away from Liverpool Street. We’ve had a dead mouse in a desk, builders playing a girder and spanner symphony across the road and a seemingly endless walk to the kitchen.



It is however a considerable improvement on a building I worked in about 8 years ago that had rodents, a lethal 1970s filing system (the kind of one you move with a wheel), porn and beer cans blocking the loos, flaky air conditioning/heating and no kitchen!



Today I finally made it more than 300 yards from the office to Shoreditch. Originally this was intended to be a post about the swift transition from the city to the east end and the industrial/post industrial lanscape of shoreditch. In the event I was sucked in to taking plenty of photos of the really great street art all around Shoreditch.



The light today was bright and vibrant and thus so were the colours of the paint. It may not have the neoclassical grandeur of bank and St Pauls, but I sense there will be plenty to take photos of in and around my new office!



Taken with my X-Pro1 and XF27mm lens

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  1. Beautiful colors!! However, I don’t understand the Graffiti. To me, and the law here in the unites states that is a crime. Defacing property unless the owner allows it is a misdemeanor. I see so many images from Europe where this “art” is rampant–especially in a particular area of Berlin I think it was. As a tourist, I would not look for this stuff, actually I would attempt to avoid it, and the areas where it’s located as here, in my neck of the woods that pretty much denotes a ghetto, or crappy urban area we want to stay out of; whereas in Europe, it seems to be a hip place to hang out and live (?). Maybe you can explain the rationale of allowing that art to me in a future post. I honestly would like to better understand the culture.
    Anyway, great images, lovely colors, and interesting to see someone out and about with the 27.
    J (From Southern NJ, USA)

    • Jorge,
      It’s funny you posted because I was just reading a book about New Jersey…

      Graffiti can be an offence in the UK too, but it’s rare that people go to jail for what you see here. In a lot of cases in the district in question the building owners encourage artists to paint the outside of buildings (including the local council, who allow street art on local housing). Perhaps I’m a hypocrite, but while I wouldn’t want anyone to paint my house, I appreciate the beauty and artistic merit of much of the above artwork.

      Yes, you are right that it goes hand in hand with “hip” and edgy urban locations that are trendy to live in at least in London, but it can also be found in deprived areas too. Please don’t ask me to comment on the logic of that because I suspect there is none!

      Thanks for looking and taking the time to write a thoughtful comment.



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