Snow at the Tower…

I had a very tedious lunchtime queuing at the post office for 20 minutes, so I decided to head off to the Tower of London to get some time in practising with my X-Pro1.


DSCF6902 1

I really need the 14mm to turn up now, I have been fine with the 18mm and the zoom up till now but I want something wider!



In any event, this is no more than a slightly silly post with not much to say other than to observe the snow around Tower Hill station and the Tower of London.



DSCF6957 1


I have been asked to shoot an event on Thursday evening and it will be my first time shooting with flash in ages. The good news is that (after some experiments determined my EF-20 might not be strong enough) my new EF-42 flash turned up today and the results look much more natural.



DSCF6939 1

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