Leadenhall Market

I really like Leadenhall Market. It’s a wonderful place to go and pretend you aren’t really in the City at lunchtime. The market itself dates back to the 14th century. It primarily sells fresh food; among the vendors there are cheesemongers, butchers and florists. Originally it was a meat, game and poultry market.

The ornate roof structure and cobbled floors of the current structure (built in the late 19th century and restored in the last 20 years) make the market a tourist attraction, particularly now after the Olympics. Leadenhall Market formed part of the marathon course of the Olympic Games. Runners passed through the market three times from Whittington Avenue to Lime Street.

This week I decided to take some photos of everyday life there across a few lunchtimes. I’ll admit this isn’t my best work – the constantly changing light led me to struggle to correctly adjust the exposure, I had to shoot in S mode and balance shutter speed for lighting against the fast pace and movement. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself taking these.

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