A sunny afternoon in Greenwich

This isn’t the only post I’ll ever write on this topic, in particular I reserve the right to post many more pictures of the beautiful sights of Greenwich 😉 , but in the meantime I wanted to record a visit last weekend which had just perfect weather.


Unfortunately it felt like the rest of the population of planet earth had decided to visit Greenwich at the same time. Whole supermarkets and shops looked like something from a disaster movie!


I’m going to cheat slightly and include one photo of the Cutty Sark that I took last year on a previous visit with my now sold D600 (yes, it has appeared before!), which is one of my favourites:

Copper Bottomed

On the day I took the above, I didn’t like any of my pictures of the exterior of the Cutty Sark, so I resolved to make sure I took some more the next time I visited…




The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich (which recently featured in Thor: the Dark World) is a building I could spend hours in or near. It’s simply beautiful and inspiring.

In perspective



The views of the river from here are stunning in the winter/spring sun.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a blog post about Greenwich without some reference to the Greenwich foot tunnel under the Thames (I know it appears above too!). Despite the perspective distortion, I love the colours in this shot.


Special mention has to be made as to how ridiculously good the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED Lens is. It’s sharp, contrasty and produces results with lovely colour. Combined with the Df the results are very much to my satisfaction. The 70-200mm lens was perfectly comfortable/usable on the Df too, despite my initial concerns as to its size. That just shows actual use is very different to testing.

Taken with my Nikon Df, 24mm F1.4, 58mm F1.4 and 70-200 F4 AF-S lenses

2 thoughts

    • Thanks Jan, I’m similarly enamoured of the Df’s colours. It has the nicest skin tones and colours generally of any camera I’ve owned. I wish it were maybe 10% smaller and the lenses weren’t quite so big in some cases. But I’m so quibbling when I say that. The Df is a special camera

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