It’s one of those times again when I’m in a bit of a quandary regarding an aspect of my photography kit. In particular, it’s my Fujis. First of all, let me point out that they are smashing aps-c cameras. Nothing wrong with that!



However, all too often I’m using them at times of day I haven’t chosen, which means that I’m using them in poor or mixed lighting. This results in higher ISOs and slower shutter speeds, but also inconsistent exposure.



The problem is also that using DSLRs a little more really shows up the slower autofocus and weaker auto-exposure of the Fuji bodies. That’s resolved, in part, in the X-E2 by the improved PDAF autofocus. Unfortunately that only works in brighter light. I keep heading out with my X-E2 and being a bit disappointed with the results. However, I shouldn’t be so critical, I realise that. A bad workman blames his tools and all that!



Funnily enough, it was the experience of shooting with my D800E, RX1 and Df at Christmas which made me realise just how much I love the detail, DR and high ISO performance that full frame sensors give a photographer.

Brownie 127


I’m also quite critical of my cameras when I don’t use them or I admire them more for aesthetic reasons than using them to take pictures. So that means that I’m selling my X-Pro1 and my X100S. This is harsh in particular on my X100S – it’s a better all round camera than the RX1, but I don’t need two fixed lens 35mm equivalent cameras and the image quality of the RX1 is too good to give it up.


Graffiti madonna

Having tired somewhat of carting around a bag of lenses, I’ve spent this week shooting when I can with the Rx1. It’s certainly a liberating experience. There are many, many things you can shoot with a 35mm lens. Fortunately and unfortunately, using a 35mm lens means that you are getting very close to your subjects, so if people have an issue with you taking photos, they are going to tell you about it!



As it is, I did have some fun in Shoredich and Spitalfields – got to love the Kodak Brownie!

Neon BBQ

Coffee and wine

Taken with my RX1

3 thoughts

  1. I own an xe1 but have not used the rx1 or omd for that matter. Looking at Steve huff’s site and flickr I struggle to see dramatic differences between the three sizes of sensor m43, apsc and full frame. With 100% crops ff has more detail and with my MF and 35mm film gear obtaining bokeh is easier. However, with a 1.4 lens one can get pretty good bokeh with an Apsc camera. All things being equal I would go for full frame but cost and lens size is a limiting factor for me. I agree with your point that an DSLR’s autofocus is a level above what the Fuji mirrorless cameras are capable of. Good luck with your deliberations!

  2. I have a feeling you will be back with Fuji X-T1 and a bag of praise……When something new comes along you sing the praise until the next toy steps in…haha!! Sometimes you even repeat the same lines… will you sell Fuji lens? and which ones are you planning to sell? I am kinda interested in Fuji lens if you happen to sell.Thanks

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