Fear at St Paul’s

Absolute terror. Buttock clenching, stomach churning fear. That’s what happens when I go to high places.


“to pull the higgle” is how my son refers to St Paul’s Cathedral. Now I’ve explained to him how I felt at the golden gallery he’s fascinated by the pictures of “the higgle”, and tells me how I was “real scared up there”.


I suffer from acrophobia with vertigo. One might ask why I spend so much time going to high places.



The answer is that I love fantastic scenes more than I hate staring through the grill of open steps. I will say that the steps on the way from the stone gallery to the golden gallery, between the two domes, are absolutely terrifying, particularly on the way down.


The views were fantastic, my mind was blown, but I would observe that my (still amazing) Samyang 14mm and Nikon 50mm F1.2 were great for this kind of event.



Taken with my Nikon Df, 14mm, 24mm and 50mm lenses.

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