Putting out the Crab pots: X-E1 and Zeiss Touit 32mm

I’ve been on my holidays this last week, in the village of Overstrand in North Norfolk. It’s really lovely here, and the scorching weather has helped make this into a special holiday.



In any event I couldn’t really hold myself back from posting about watching the local fishing boat being towed to the edge of the beach by a (very rusty) old tractor and going off into the surf to deposit its cargo of empty crab pots.





It might have been the rather lovely light or way it caught the rust on the tractor, but it was an amazing sight to watch. About 20 minutes later, the boat returned and way pulled back up the beach to its place on the sea defences. I’m reliably informed that the crab caught by this boat is very tasty…





I’m falling in love with the way the Zeiss Touit 32mm lens renders on the X-E1, it’s just excellent.

Taken with my X-E1 and 32mm Zeiss Touit Lens

7 thoughts

  1. Hello there!
    Im the one with the black top on the boat, Marie YH909, I would just like to say how much ive enjoyed reading your blogg on your holidays to Overstrand! Thank you for sharing great things via internet and letting others get a glimpse of the history and beauty (although i must congratulate you on your timing because those few days were the first in a while and have since brought mist ) that Overstrand has to offer. Hopefully see you again and next time come and try our crab! and lobster! šŸ˜‰

    • Glad you found the blog Hayden! I thought you might like the photos – that’s why I stopped by to tell you about it. We had a lovely time in Overstrand and I can personally vouch for the crab already šŸ™‚

    • Cheers Hayden – I’ll confess I couldn’t quite believe the weather! We really enjoyed Overstrand (even the part where I hung over the cliff with my DSLR) and I know we’ll be back in future years

  2. Brilliant photos! Glad you put these up! And im so glad you caught us coming in on such s beautiful day. Thank you for iinforming us about this website too. šŸ™‚

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