Green Park greys

No, this isn’t a feature on the North American squirrels that seem to inhabit every inch of London’s green space, rather a trip to Green Park in the extreme grey weather we had yesterday.



However, you could tell this was London, given that people were out and about in deck chairs and generally lounging about in the not sun…



Since I was in the neighbourhood I wandered over to the Mall and the Victoria Memorial to practice some shots of the monument but also some street shooting. I pulled out the XF 35mm for the first time in ages and it didn’t disappoint. It’s just so sharp and focuses really very quickly with the latest firmware.



I will also observe that these results (processed in Aperture) are head and shoulders better than most other APS-C cameras or RAW processors.



Against my better judgement, my happiness with the results from my Fuji 14mm (and the relatively late release of the Fuji UWA zoom) has lead me to pre-order the Zeiss Touit 12mm. I’m looking forward to using both on my holiday this year.



Taken with my X-Pro1, 14mm and 35mm lenses.

2 thoughts

    • I will confess I’m largely responsible for the vignetting. There is some on the shots with the 14mm but I often add it in post to shots to create an illusion of depth (as I did here). Thanks for looking.

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