Which is something I’m searching for at the minute. I hadn’t intended to like the RX1 so much, it was intended to be more of a review and debunk purchase followed by a rapid transition to eBay. What I hadn’t expected was how much I would like it and the images it makes.


In any event, that means I need to work out what to sell, and that presents a problem, because the obvious candidate is the X100s. However, the OVF of the X100S is amazing, and allows shots that it wouldn’t be possible to compose with the RX1. It’s also far more practical for flash photography.


In some ways that may have just got easier. The release of the E-P5 means that the GH3 (and E-M5) are obsolete. You might ask why but it comes down to shutter speed. Anyone who has used a camera with a 1/8000 shutter knows what a difference that can make to using lenses wide open. Suffice it to say that I think my m43s kit might need pairing back. The only debate I have is whether to wait for the E-M6 or to grab a E-P5.


Another obvious candidate is the X-E1, but it produces such great product shots that I find myself putting it back down each time I’m tempted to sell it.


The final candidate is my M9. I don’t think it makes sense to keep it. If the M240 were cheaper it would probably already have been replaced. Don’t get me wrong, the M9 can produce gorgeous images. However, it is limited by its sensor (and possibly my eyesight). Almost always I find myself reaching for a more “convenient” alternative.


So the definite keepers are the D800E, X-Pro1 and my IR GX1. The rest, well, I need to think on it…

5 thoughts

    • I will freely admit there are more important things in life than this… Nonetheless, I do need to sell some cameras before they are taken to a car boot sale 😉

  1. That RX1 produces some lovely shots, but then it damn well should given the price 🙂

    I love my OM-D, the 8k shutter speed of the E-P5 is really stunning, it’s this release that stopped me getting a X100s

    • The other thing about the E-P5 is its wifi connectivity combined with its Jpeg quality. That could make a huge difference in being able to get photos to the net, particularly if you could reduce the jpeg size.

  2. The E-P5 looks great on paper. This could be the M4/3 camera in your collection to compliment your “definite keepers”; then sell the rest including the M9 and get a Leica M240 which will give you a more modern (than an M9) full frame mirrorless solution. if you don’t really like manual focus then you might want to consider selling your M9 and keeping the Rx1 and X100s. To be frank you take great shots with all of you cameras. I enjoy reading about your deliberations.

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