Trafalgar Square, Sun, D800E – the perfect combination?

Not really – Trafalgar square in the sun has beaten the dynamic range (DR) of too many cameras I’ve previously owned. So think of this as more of a torture test.



I think the last time I visited I was testing the DR expansion function on my X-Pro1 and was amazed at how impossible it (seemingly) was to take a photo of the square from the National Gallery side of the square.


What I was expecting was the random performers and musicians who gently prey on the tourists who flow through the square.



What I wasn’t expecting was the filming of a new Bollywood movie in the middle of a busy, hot Trafalgar Square. I have to say I felt sorry for the cast and crew – it was incredibly hot in the sun and goons like me were getting in the way left right and centre.


The scene was some kind of crazy dance routine and clearly dozens of extras had been outfitted appropriately!



In any event, lots of fun. And the dynamic range of this sensor is just stunning. That’s why it is worth going full frame. Now all I need to get is a new shoulder and back so I can carry it everyday…



Taken with my D800E, Zeiss 21mm, Sigma 35mm and Nikon 50mm F1.4


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