Apparently there was a small family funeral today in London…

I got up today intending to go to Fleet Street and St Pauls to take photos of the funeral cortege of Mrs Thatcher and the related supporters and protesters. I packed my X100S and GH3 last night.



On the train to work today, I decided it just didn’t feel right to head down all cameras blazing. It struck me that whatever I thought about it, it was a funeral and even if it was public, I didn’t really feel like snapping shots of the family and guests at a funeral.


I think that was the right decision. Plenty of people did go down to take pictures (I even saw one chap with a film SLR), but it wasn’t for me.


These (not so good) pictures are the result of wandering/blundering into one of the post funeral receptions which was being held in the Mansion house for international attendees at the funeral. They really aren’t very good, but they come as close as I feel appropriate to documenting todays events in London.


Nuff said…

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