Bolton’s Bench and Burley

Two really lovely locations with nice weather, what’s not to like?

DSCF4569 1



My son and I (mummy was laid low with a bug) headed off to cause as much damage to the English countryside as possible (OK that was his intention, I was along for the ride). We wandered up Bolton’s bench and the heathland behind it.


DSCF4641 1

While there we ended up making friends with just about every “buppy” (dog) that came past and my son began to orbit various piles of logs at a speed faster than I could attain… 😀


DSCF8962 1


DSCF8956 1

On the way home we stopped at Picket Post to catch an amazing sunset. While there a photogenic pony with a mane like a 80s popstar’s hair turned up.

DSCF8986 1



Then, on the way through Burley we came across a field full of deer. I was gutted that the longest lens I had at this point was a 18-55mm zoom, but a bit of cropping got me a little closer.

DSCF4659 1

Taken with my X-Pro1 and 14mm lens; and X-E1 and 18-55mm lens

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