Chancery lane and Lincoln’s Inn

I had some time at lunch to pop out to Chancery Lane with my X-Pro1 and 14mm. It’s somewhere I’ve been occasionally with work but I’ve never just wandered through with a camera before. Unfortunately the sun was in and out and many of these have high dynamic range. However, they are all a little better for being processed in C1 rather than relying upon DR expansion in camera.




Chancery Lane is the western boundary of the City of London. The route originated as a ‘new lane’ created by the Knights Templar from their original ‘old Temple’ on the site of the present Southampton Buildings on Holborn, to give access to their newly-acquired property to the south of Fleet Street (the present Temple) sometime before 1161.

DSCF8494 1


Chancery Lane connects High Holborn at its northerly end and Temple Bar in Fleet Street at the south.




The street is today predominately occupied by the legal profession, consulting firms and ancillary businesses. Lincoln’s Inn occupies most of the western side north of Carey Street. The Law Society (the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales) is also located on Chancery Lane.



The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn is one of four Inns of Court in London to which barristers of England and Wales belong and where they are called to the Bar.




Lincoln’s Inn is situated in Holborn, in the London Borough of Camden, just on the border with the City of London and the City of Westminster, and across the road from Royal Courts of Justice.


One thing I did notice was that stopping using the DR400 setting really improved the quality of the output. I really think (as posted on DPR) that for RAW shooters it is a pointless setting.

Taken with my X-Pro1 and 14mm lens.

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