Bankside Walk

The weather is terrible today. We’ve all been going stir crazy with the never ending rain. I’m not expecting much in the way of the forecast snow tonight…

DSCF8269 1

In any event, in the absence of any possibility whatsoever of taking photos, here are some shots from a walk down Bankside after our visit to the Shard on Friday.





Taken with the Fuji X-Pro1, 14mm and 35mm lenses

2 thoughts

  1. haven’t you got a weather sealed gh3 and omd? get out there man ! shoot thats crazy weather ! , joking aside nice shots from the fuji as ever – congrats

    • Cheers Jake – I did take the E-M5 out with me when I went shopping today because there is a Art Deco factory building I want to shoot just off the A10 in Enfield. I got to the DIY shop and got drenched walking 20 yards from my car to the shop. I then decided that while the E-M5 was weatherproofed adequately, I was not! 😀

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