Another trip to Whitecross Street


So again, I needed to drop a parcel in Whitecross Street, which is the nearest pickup point for the collect+ courier service “near” (or not so near) where I work.



Nonetheless, if the street market is on it provides a great excuse for some fun street photography. You can really get into the crowds.


Last time I came down this way I had my dear departed G5 – this time I had my GH3. The lenses were the same though, the 12-35 and 35-100. There isn’t much you can’t photograph with these two.



What was a good bit different was the noise performance. Similarly horrible, grey conditions on both days, but the GH3, like the E-M5, copes really well with dark conditions whereas the G5 had a good bit of noise even at base ISO.



It’s a funny old place Whitecross Street. Much of it is surrounded by local authority or housing trust housing, but it has that slightly edgy feel that a district just before it’s about to be gentrified. New restaurants and art shops seem to be opening all the time.


It feels a lot like Essex Road and (to a much lessetr extent because it was already quite a bit gentrified) Upper Street in Islington circa 2000.



Taken with my GH3, 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses.

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