Skating at Somerset House

I wandered past Somerset House earlier in the week, curious to see the Cartier-Bresson exhibition there. Somerset House is 18th and 19th century building just off the Strand that was originally used as a government and later tax office. These days it is a major arts and cultural centre. During winter you can skate there. Somerset House also houses contemporary art and design exhibitions, free displays, family workshops and guided tours.


While there my eyes were drawn to a strange piece of red cloth (actually a contemporary art work) on the stairs:


Eventually I was drawn to the courtyard and the Ice-rink there:


There was a fantastic Christmas tree:



I found myself wondering how to try and show the motion of the rink and settled on setting up the camera for a long exposure:


Eventually I realised I no longer had time to look at the Cartier Bresson exhibition 😦 and headed back to work.

Taken with my GH3 and 12-35mm lens

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