Christmas in Wales


It’s that time of year again and as ever its always a good time to take pictures of family near and far.



This year we went to Wales to visit my family for Christmas. The journey was fine except for Reading Services being flooded and similarly the stretch of road near the bridge under the M4 near St Mary’s Golf Club similarly being flooded.



While there we visited both the beach at Southerndown and Cowbridge, but most of the time was given over to seeing family for the period. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and our son was particularly happy to see his grandparents, aunt and uncles.





I took with me two kits, one based around the E-M5 for the in house/low-light work (used for the majority of these shots) and one based around the GH3 for the scenic stuff. Both excelled for those purposes. The GH3 is made to be used out and about and I’m very happy to have it. The E-M5 cannot be beaten for its low light stabilization of already fast primes.

Whilst down at Southerndown (see my other post: ) I took a number of pictures of the amazing landscapes, but couldn’t resist taking some of my son and partner.




Taken with my E-M5, Oly 17mm and Voigtlander 17.5mm plus GH3 and 12-35mm

3 thoughts

  1. Nice shots. I notice you left your Fuji xpro1 at home. What made you choose to take the omd E-m5 rather than the Fuji? I suppose that given your other camera is also m43 it may cut down on the number of lenses as the two body’s can share lenses.

    • Thanks Andrew. A couple of things prompted me to take the E-M5:

      + lens sharing as you say above;
      + in body stabilisation, which is useful for night time shooting;
      + a lack of lens options for the Fuji (particularly wide angle and fast wider lenses);
      + AF speed on the 35mm in low light.

      I’m really looking forward to some more lens options for the X system this year. I almost took the X100 (it lost out primarily because of focus speed and stabilisation) but I knew I wouldn’t take the X-Pro1.

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