Borough Market with the Olympus 17mm F1.8

I have decided I really like this lens. Me really liking it doesn’t mean it is the holy grail, or that it’s sharper than lenses like the 75mm. It’s just a really nice lens for the focal length.



Today I took the lens and my E-M5 to Borough Market in Southwark, South London.



The present market is a successor to one that originally adjoined the end of London Bridge. It was first mentioned in 1276 and was subsequently moved south of St Margaret’s church on the High Street. Unfortunately the market caused such traffic congestion that in 1754 it was abolished by an Act of Parliament.



The Act allowed for the local parishioners to set up another market on a new site, and in 1756 it began again on a site in Rochester Yard. The present buildings were designed in 1851, with additions in the 1860s and an entrance designed in the Art Deco style added on Southwark Street in 1932.


Stallholders come to trade at the market from different parts of the UK and traditional European products are also shipped over and sold.



Amongst the produce on sale are fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, game and freshly baked bread and pastries. There is also a wide variety of cooked and snack food on sale for the many tourists who flock to the market.



I suppose, to be honest I need to turn to the lens, as that’s why I set out in the first place. My view hasn’t really changed, it’s very good, I like it a lot and it feels like it could live on my E-M5 a lot of the time. Perhaps I’m odd but I really think this lens is very good wide open but also looks very good/sharp stopped down.


As some may know I also own an X100, which some may think renders this lens superfluous. Certainly the X100 produces nice photos, but its lack of resolution sometimes frustrates me, especially for street photography. Those problems aren’t so evident with the 17 + E-M5 combo given the 16mp sensor of the E-M5. The lens is one of those that demands to be used and I do think it has a place in my bag long term.


5 thoughts

  1. My X100 made me fall in love with the 35mm focal length. Alas, it is about to go, in order to fund an X-E1 lens, but when Fuji bring out their 35mm equivalent in XF mount, I’ll be jumping for joy.

      • I have the XF35 and XF60 so far, and am coveting the XF14 and XF18-55. I hope the XF14 is as good as it sounds like it will be, with little distortion. It should be cracking for some long exposure coastal photographs I have in mind.

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