Some quality time with the X100

This little fella is a great camera. It certainly has its limitations (the biggest being its fixed 35mm equivalent lens) and strengths (the biggest being its 35mm equivalent lens). OK, I’m contradicting myself, why?


Really, there is nothing wrong with the 35mm focal length, other than if coupled with a slightly slower focus – you do have to be near to subjects to get great photos. Like, next to them!  It isn’t really bad at all, it just isn’t instant, which means you can attract attention. I find myself with lots of pictures of people looking at me and the X100, which is the last thing I really want! I totally exaggerate, but this camera works well in crowded spaces, not so well in less crowded spaces.


Having said that, the pop you can get from the lens/sensor combination is stunning. You can’t beat it for a close shot on a subject between 3-10m away (self portrait in shadow unintentional).


What it isn’t terrible at but not great either is landscape shots. The lens is sharp, but it’s still 12mp – similar to the E-P3, there are limits to what is resolvable. I’ve said before that (as a base iso photographer) the sensor from the NEX-7 in the body of the X100 would be amazing.


I rather suspect we’ll soon have the sensor from the X-Pro1/X-E1 in the X100 body. It would still be no bad thing and I would still buy that camera (as long as my WA adapter still fits!).


Until then, I love the X100 for being a small camera, with a VF built in that can produce great pictures!

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