GH3 with more lenses in the winter sun

Again, we’ve spent most of the week either in murk or rain here in London. Today, a fiery ball in the sky appeared so I set off to run the GH3 through its paces with some different lenses. With apologies that these cover old subjects – I had intended to go to Somerset House but ended up with only 45 minutes to actually get outside and shoot, so I headed to St Pauls.


I really wanted to see if the 12 and 75 held their own on the GH3. I also popped the 45 on for a few shots.


To start with I left the 12-35 on and tried some CAF shooting of the traffic. This sounds a bit obvious, but it either works or it doesn’t. That is to say it works great when it locks properly, but about 20-25% of the time it doesn’t.


I also took the 7-14 down to the river and shot the above and below pictures of the Millennium bridge. Flare was pretty bad but I was shooting into the sun, so it’s par for the course.


The 12 produces some lovely results on the GH3, markedly sharper than the 12-35 at 12.


The 45 was excellent as ever.



The 75 is off the scale. Again the results it turns out stagger me. If all M43s lenses were this good I suspect there would be much wailing from other camera manufacturers.




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  2. This blog is a daily habit for me…almost no one around here ( Portugal, Porto) to talk about and share experiences on mirrorless systems…
    Question:I have a 7-14mm Panasonic that with the GF1 doesn´t give me purple flare but with the OMD shooting towards any light source, sometimes even at the reflection of the light source, gives always purple flare. How do you avoid it on the shot above?


    • Cheers Vasco, I’m glad you enjoy this blog.

      The 7-14 is a temperamental beast, most times I have to wait until the conditions improve. In this case the sun was in and out and I took about 10 photos. These two came out ok, the others had flare. Other times I do use the patch tool if I have an otherwise good photo.

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