Just a minute… and the power of negative thinking

With apologies for not updating the site for the last few days, I’ve been having some fun and games with a goon who has decided to post what I consider to be potentially defamatory comments about an eBay purchase he made from me. I’m a little disappointed because he chose to leave negative feedback and snarky/false comments on a well known photography forum without even contacting me about it, when I had given him a full refund.

Needless to say I’m unimpressed at having my reputation trashed in these circumstances…

The unfortunate by product is that these things do take time to deal with, so I haven’t been able to make the posts I wanted to in the last week. Never mind. There is never too much time to stand up to a jobsworth bully who seems to get his kicks out of screwing people on eBay.

This post on Steve Huff’s website is instructive – I read it again yesterday with a wry smile:


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