iPhone 5 vs X-Pro1

This is an immensely silly post motivated by no more than having some fun. Of course the iPhone will be worse than a camera with an APS-C sensor, it has a sensor about the size of a grain of rice… Nevertheless this is a fun comparison to show people why a real camera is worthwhile having (while also showing the new iPhone camera isn’t too bad). For the detail click through each picture and you’ll see an enlarged version on Flickr.

X-Pro1 uses 18mm lens unless indicated.

First comparison (first picture iPhone and second picture X-pro1):



Second comparison:



Third comparison:



Fourth comparison:



Fifth comparison:



Another of this last one with the 35mm and X-Pro1


Predictably, the X-pro1 whoops the iphone camera. This isn’t down to cost – there is nothing more annoying to your average photographer than being asked “is your camera very expensive?” It’s more a question of sensor size (the iphone has, like every other phone with a camera, a tiny sensor), dynamic range and resolution. What’s very interesting is how close the iphone is on the shots of the phone boxes and the van. Any comparison becomes a bit tortoise and hare as soon as you put the iphone in slight shade (the image quality breaks down almost immediately). Though this isn’t a comparison to the iphone 4S camera, the 5 clearly takes better pictures in some manner (likely through processing).

So this was a bit pope cr*ps in woods, but it was some fun…

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    • They are at that size. That’s the joke of online photography, at a low resolution even a cheaper smartphone camera looks good, yet we all heft around big, expensive cameras to post more 640×480 shots…

      You only really see the difference by opening them up on Flickr

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