A walk past Rectory Farm

So this old, dead farm is coming very firmly back to life. To those who haven’t seen my other posts on this topic, there was a derelict farm not far from where I live in Enfield, North London, which has been planted up as an arable farm and “brought back to life”. Yesterday we went for a walk and spotted some newer residents, some cows, which our son Daniel was greatly enthused by.


I took my X-Pro1 with me and it was an interesting experience. Undoubtedly (and unsurprisingly) the bokeh is far better than my M43s cameras but not as good as my M9. What is quite odd is the quality of the images, which are far less sharp at a pixel level than either my M9 or my M43s cameras.



This is the root of both the excellent filmic quality of the images and the issues seen in RAW processing.





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