Trafalgar Square

First of two posts this evening. First of all, yesterday I visited Trafalgar Square in central London. The evening before I had been telling some poor guy he needed to visit the square with a UWA lens, so I decided to take my new 9-18 down there. I was very happy with the output from the lens paired with the E-M5. Perhaps I have a very good copy but I’m not seeing it being orders of magnitude softer in the corners as some have suggested.

When I got to the square there was a guy doing amazing gymnastic dancing and leaps in front of the National Portrait Gallery. I tried to take some pictures over the huge crowd but they didn’t work, either shutter speed or focus was off. However, it did inspire me to pick up my 75 for some street shooting.

This guy was priceless (or at least the photo of him was). He looks like he should be in a carry-on film:



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