A walk through rural North London

The farmland where I photographed the wheatfield last week is part of Rectory Farm in Enfield. For a year or two it has lain fallow but this year it has been planted as an arable farm. I believe I once found a post on google stating it was a Dairy farm prior to the devastating foot and mouth epidemic of the early noughties. I may be wrong on that, perhaps someone who knows Enfield can comment! We decided to go for another walk that way so our son could test out his new sandals.

As I stated before in my previous post, it blows my mind that this is all part of a London borough.

Not that I’m complaining – we moved here to be closer to the countryside.

The harvest had started and the wheat field had been harvested that day or the day previously by the looks of it!

What is slightly bizarre is the dereliction of the farm itself. Whether affected by foot and mouth or not clearly the farm itself was abandoned for a few years, the buildings falling into decay, and is now used as additional land by another farmer.

The wheatfield I passed last week is still beautiful, even in the setting sun…

So we continued our walk past some fields where horses are kept.

Eventually, we found ourselves on Strayfield Road.

On reaching St John the baptist Church, I spotted this old catttle trough:

Finally we stopped at the Fallow Buck pub for a cool drink. On the way back we passed the farm again. This time, although the dereliction struck me, I was also amazed by the jauntyness of the colours in the sun…

Leica M9, Summilux 50mm ASPH and Zeiss ZM 18mm

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