A Norfolk boat trip

So further to my last post, I am still on holiday in Norfolk. My partner and I decided that we wanted to take our son on a seal watching trip to Blakeney point, something we had done a month or two before he was born. I decided to put my M9 down and pick up my E-M5, 12-35mm, 7-14mm and 75-300mm.

The results? Mixed at best, down to a critical user error – I thought I was shooting in shutter priority at 1/800. Unfortunately, because my son was fascinated with my camera and I wanted to let him play with it a little, I didn’t notice it had become switched to P mode. As a consequence, most of my photos were too blurry, particularly those with the 75-300. Never mind, I had so much luck with my earlier photos with the M9 that we still have some lovely memories of the holiday!

Here are a few photos of what I could rescue. The key lens for this was the Panny 7-14, which is simply astounding and IMHO the equal of the 16-35 Zeiss for Sony that I used with my now sold A900. I know the foam at the base of the sea shots is blurred, but to crop the photos would have ruined the UWA effect…

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