Daniel Corsini

Saw this chap earlier in the week outside Liverpool Street and he didn’t impress me. Heard him today and realised he is actually excellent. Sorry, only one picture, spent my time listening this lunchtime!


Update: link to listen and vote for Daniel here: http://www.molpresents.com/gigs/vote/danielcorsini

3 thoughts

    • I very much did enjoy the set and I’m glad you liked the photo.

      In retrospect I thought it was a bit harsh where they put you outside Liverpool Street, people seemed too busy to stop there and if they weren’t too busy they were mown down by those who were. It ends up a bit like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnOPu0_YWhw

      However a lot of people were listening to you (while pretending not to, in a London kind of way) at the Royal Exchange.

  1. Liverpool St wasn’t a bad spot really, I thought people were quite into it. I think everywhere I’ve played has been great. Good to know folk were listening though. I’ve been having a great time during this competition and I hope I make it into the final! Thanks again for the post, even though it seems like you needed to see me twice to enjoy me stuff! Ha! Maybe I’ll see you again in the City at some point soon.

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