Exchange Sq and Liverpool St with Oly 75mm

This lens is mindblowingly good. I’m honestly wondering if it can resolve more detail than the sensor can manage. Before you accuse me of being overblown, look at some of the shots I took today! Note one of the pictures was with the Oly 12mm WA lens.

Anyway, I’m still sore that I’ve not been able to blag any olympics tickets, so I decided to potter over to Exchange square, not far from where I work, where a big screen had been put up. At the time, it was the triathlon final so many had turned up to watch the Brownlees brothers win their medals in their lunch hour. I was amused to read a comment on the Times this morning that the school the Brownlees brothers attended had slits for windows in the changing rooms, so people learned to change quickly before being frozen, which is why their changeovers in the triathlon are so good…

There was also a group of young people (I’m in my 30s, but I know I sound like my Dad) ignoring the concentration on the big screen and throwing heart and soul into playing table tennis/ping pong.

In any event, on the way back I came across two more participants in the mayor of London’s street music competition. I took some photos of a previous participant in my quasi review (it’s good) of the Oly 75mm. It’s actually great fun, and I think it takes some  balls to jump up behind the mike in front of hardened cynical Londoners.

Anyway, some photos:

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