Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Some pictures from my visit to Hampton Court Palace Flower show this weekend. “The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the largest flower show in the world. The Show is held in early July, and run by the Royal Horticultural Society at Hampton Court Palace in southwest London. The show features show gardens, floral marquees and pavilions, talks and demonstrations. Erected on the north and south sides of the Long Water in Hampton Court Park, it is the second major national show after the Chelsea Flower Show but has a different character, focusing more on environmental issues, growing your own and cookery, while also opportunities to buy a whole range of gardening accessories, plants and flowers.” [Wikipedia, of course it’s reliable..]

One feature that drove me mad (and perhaps it was because we were pushing a buggy) was the stupid plastic wheeled carts that everyone was pulling about with their shopping in (they were provided by the organisers). I could just about cope when my other half and I were cut up by people aimlessly pulling carts with “mashed” plants, but I genuinely felt like getting quite violent when I saw the same thing happen to a women in a wheelchair. As it was I told the people concerned to move.

Otherwise, it was rather fun and the gardens were very impressive.

At the end is a nice snap of my son (Daniel) with me taken by my other half, Louisa.

All taken with my Olympus E-M5

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