City of London Festival – Sardana Dance

On my way back and forth to the post office near where I work I had noticed some great (free) performances by european musicians in Broadgate circle this week. I skulked past with my E-M5 today to take some photos of Sardana Dance, a Catalonian cobla (wind ensemble) formed by eleven instruments.

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  1. Well, this is beyond coincidences. I’m from Barcelona, Catalonia. I don’t see in this pictures if there was anybody dancing, because “Les Sardanes” have they own particular dance. I don’t know if you’ve been here, in Catalonia, but if you liked “Sardanes” you should visit us. You’d be amazed with “Castellers” Watch this:
    This is in 1998, they’ve improved a lot, but you won’t regret!

    • Last time I was in Barcelona was in 2006, had a fantastic time, its a really great city. We took a five day break there and went Gaudi crazy, though oddly enough I seem to recall the best day being the one where it rained all day and we flitted between restaurants and drinking establishments.

      I seem to remember also sitting in Plaça Reial sipping a cold beer and being approached by a series of American students who seemed to think I knew the way to the Pipa club… All great fun.

      Love the human castle, it’s great!

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